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Short Term Investments

Opportunity Global Investments provides investors with access to achieving high yielding returns through structured capital investment in residential development projects.

The Company has been in operation for over 11 years. R 78,650,000 in private investor capital has been raised for projects that have exited with end user sales of R 315,000,000.

Property developments require seed capital. Using this need as a catalyst, Opportunity’s objective is to provide investors with a means of investment for the short to medium term, at the same time offering exceptional returns.

Investment returns and security
Investors achieve returns anywhere up to 25% per annum, depending on the project. Their returns are determined prior to investor participation. The time period of investments usually range from 6 months to 36 months. Full security is provided for the investors in the project and the investors usually exit prior to the completion of the project.

Principal Investment Strategies
The role players in Opportunity and the Development Company typically take up a portion of the available investment and exit last. Principally, they only offer private capital investments in projects within which they have a vested interest. The strategy is to invest in projects located in high density urban metropoles in which a slump in the macro sales environment can be protected by high demand rental requirements.

The following investment criteria are adhered to:

  • The project must provide investors with security for their investment
  • Timeframe of investment on average 24 months
  • Project must offer returns of 18% plus per annum
  • Investors to exit as first priority
  • Key role players in Opportunity and Development Entity to invest in project alongside investors

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