The objective is to consistently provide strong fixed returns in South Africa for investors, while simultaneously protecting the invested capital with immovable assets.


“The secure investments opportunities presented offer formidable, fixed returns. They pave the way for all levels of investors to participate in these opportunities. In addition to the strong returns on offer, the foundation of the investments is the security given to investors for protection of their capital. In times of uncertainty the fixed returns can provide consistency and predictability.”

Nick Morgan
Co-founder and Managing Director

MSc Finance and Investments (Dist.)
Business Management (Dip.)

Wynand Haywood

Bachelor of Business Administration (CPUT)

Martin Deon van Rooyen (CA(SA))

Mr Deon van Rooyen acts in an independent capacity and assumes financial responsibility for the use of Investor capital in the funding of the development projects. His role in safeguarding the interests of the Investors extends to, among other areas;

a.  Following due process and authorising the release of Investor funds from the Attorneys Trust account.
b.  Scrutinising and ensuring accurate repayment of investments.

Mr van Rooyen was born in 1961 in Johannesburg and is a chartered accountant by profession. He pursued his career with PWC and left PWC to facilitate major clients of his being the Rembrandt Group as well as the Medscheme Group.

He is a today Owner/Director of his own Accounting/Consulting Firm as well as a Senior Business Rescue Practitioner and Advisor/Consultant to both SAICA and the Department of Higher Education (SAICA TVET Transformation Project as well as a Task Team Member at NSFAS).

The vast majority of his experience comes with more than 25 years of experience as a Consultant, Director, Trustee and Member in the financial services, health, construction and manufacturing industries. He has assisted many of his clients on their JSE Listings and funding requirements with in-depth knowledge of the JSE and its functions in relationship to administration and reporting. He has been responsible for many Audit and Risk Committees of various Institutions.

He is able to fulfil all Directors/Trustee duties with the utmost professionalism and integrity, objectively and free from bias and undue influence and is confident that he has the knowledge, experience and tenacity to appropriately represent any Company/Trust in any complex and economically pressured environment.

Michael van Rooyen (BSc Building Management)

Mr Michael van Rooyen (no relation to fellow Trustee, Deon van Rooyen) acts in an independent capacity and assumes operational responsibility in protecting the Investor interests in the funding of the development projects. His role as Trustee in safeguarding the interests of the Investors includes, but is not restricted to the following:

a. Ensuring that the development timelines and project funding allocations are adhered to.
b. Consistent evaluation of the development and construction progress with careful attention to correct execution.

Mr van Rooyen is a respected and well-networked leader in the construction industry with nearly 40 years’ experience both locally and internationally. He has a BSc Building Management Degree from the University of the Witwatersrand    and   completed the Construction Management Programme from the University of Stellenbosch. He is a registered PCM (Professional Construction Manager)  with the the SACPCMPas well as a member of the C.I.O.B

He has accumulated the knowledge and skills from being a hands-on Site Engineer to a strategic profit-driven Managing Director. In his role as Managing Director for Group Five Building for 10 years he oversaw the operation of the business unit and all projects. Under his leadership the Company successfully completed projects locally as well as in Algeria, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zanzibar. Prior to his role as Managing Director Mr van Rooyen also served as the Operations Director and Contracts Director for Group Five Building for a total of 12 years.

With his skills and proven experience in strategic business management, business development, work procurement, project management and construction management he is well suited to performing Trustee duties with the objectivity, professionalism and knowledge required for this environment.

Francois Geldenhuys 
Investment Specialist

Izolda Koekemoer
Head of Administration

Leandri Kriel 
Client Liaison

Chané Smit
Marketing Coordinator


Opportunity was founded in January 2006 and is a boutique investment company located in, Cape Town, South Africa.

Structured and secure investment opportunities are provided whereby private investors invest capital in the development of residential projects. Fixed, inflation-beating returns can therefore be offered, because investors get access to the value extracted from the development. Investment capital is protected by the development assets until their investments mature. Investment opportunities have been successfully completed for development projects in Gauteng, KZN and Western Cape with a market value over R 500 Million.

Core Competencies of Team

  • Investment structuring
  • Development Investments
  • Development structuring
  • Risk analysis of projects
  • Scrutiny of project efficacy
  • Feasibilities and due diligence prior to inception
  • Analysis of real estate development projects
  • The development concept
  • Property development
  • Consolidated performance markers for project capability