Our mission is to consistently provide the highest fixed returns in Africa for our clients
while simultaneously protecting invested capital with fixed assets.

Our Philosophy is to only provide financing for projects where we have control over the investment vehicle and underlying asset, to protect our clients.

Nick Morgan
Managing Director

“Welcome to Opportunity Private Capital. Our high yielding investment products offer formidable returns and are tailored to have an impact in a time where banks and large investment houses are in control of most investment processes. The foundation of our investments is the security given to Investors through capital assets and we do not compromise on this as a protection mechanism. In times of uncertainty our fixed returns provide consistency and predictability.

Thank you for your interest in what we have to offer and feel free to ask any questions not raised on this site. We look forward to welcoming you into our investment family if you have not joined yet.”


Opportunity Private Capital was founded in January 2006 and is a private investment company located in Cape Town, South Africa. For 14 years we have been providing structured and secure capital investment opportunities whereby private investors finance real estate residential projects. We offer fixed, market beating yields because our clients share in the returns. Funding has been provided for development projects in South Africa with a market value over R 400 Million.

Core Competencies of Team

  • Investment structuring
  • Development funding
  • Development structuring
  • Execution of property development projects
  • Risk analysis of projects
  • Scrutiny of project efficacy
  • Feasibilities and due diligence prior to inception
  • Analysis of real estate development projects
  • Project acquisitions
  • The development concept
  • Property development
  • Consolidated performance markers for project capability


To provide high fixed annual returns for our clients using risk
managed real estate development projects as the underlying investment vehicle.

We source high security opportunities which undergo stringent risk analysis before being considered. Once structured, clients participate
in the financing of projects.

Returns are calculated on a per annum rate of the capital amount invested. The rates of return and estimated investment time periods are pre-determined so that our clients can have a degree of predictability about how
their investment will perform.