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Hi Debbie. Thank you. Also Thank you to your whole team – including Nick – everybody is super friendly and helpful!!!! I am very impressed with the service I have received – super efficient and friendly and extremely patient answering my many questions.

Investing is no easy decision, however having been an investor for a year, I am extremely pleased not only with the growth of my investment but more so with the interpersonal communication that I have with the company. Nick Morgan and his team are approachable and always available giving the client first-hand information. I look forward to having a very long and prosperous business relationship with Opportunity Private Capital and I recommended this investment opportunity for peace of mind and financial growth and stability.

Opportunity Private Capital has given me the opportunity to invest in residential property with flexible buy in options and excellent returns. The staff are friendly, trustworthy and add that personal touch right up to the CEO – they make my money work hard for me in line with my wealth goals, thank you!

I must congratulate the team at Opportunity Private Capital for their innovative business model and resulting value they bring to both investors and people seeking to buy a home. As an investor who has gone through a full cycle with a deal, I am happy to report that my return matched what was promised and all my dealings with the company were both pleasant and professional.

Opportunity Private Capital is the “peace of mind” option for any investor. Coming from a high-risk high reward investment arena, I felt reassured to know that this “safe bet” option in my portfolio has well above average returns too!

I couldn’t have made a better investment choice by investing with Opportunity Private Capital, the investment returns received are great, even during these difficult times when the economy is unstable the Opportunity Private Capital ensured that my investment returns are not affected by the global pandemic.

I will strongly recommend this investment method to anyone.

After a year of having invested my money I received all of the accrued interest without any problems. The staff is professional and the process of reinvestment and interest pay-out was handled with ease. It is a pleasure to work with them.

I don’t regret investing with Opportunity Private Capital. I am actually very happy, the interest is amazing. This is a motivation and encourages one to do more. Thanks very much for opening up this opportunity to ordinary people like us.

I’ve been taking up investment opportunities with Opportunity for well over 12 years now and I will most certainly continue to do so for many more years to come. My investments have grown and created much needed financial stability and it always gives one much needed comfort to know that there are multiple layers of security created in an effort to protect and preserve investors’ funds. Investment requirements are so easy and flexible for anyone to can invest, and returns are amazing.

With quarterly updated statements of account, it is easy to track your investment performance.

It is such a pleasure to work with a dedicated team of seasoned professionals!

I was introduced to Opportunity Private Capital by a colleague.

I opened an account with them in September 2019. I’m about to complete one year investing with them, I am the happiest person ever because no bank could offer me the percentage they offered. Even with the trying times of the covid19 I had no fear because I got frequent updates from the company about my investment.

I couldn’t have chosen a better company. I can recommend this company to anybody.

As an investment company in the residential development sector, Opportunity has the ability to make an investor feel safe . The communication channels are magnificent, so I always know where I stand with my investment. They are extremely transparent with their investors. They have enough ticks and checks in place. The product that they offer is current, with it, for any age person. Not just for retirement. This is not a limited investment. This is for any type of investor, of any age. Your money is safe. The product is of superb value that it’s a pleasure to re-invest when the opportunity arises

My dealings with Opportunity Private Capital has been amazing. The team are very professional and the added personal attention makes you feel like part of the family. Due to this I have shared my experiences with family and friends who have also since invested. I highly recommend Opportunity Private Capital and will certainly continue to invest with them. The returns they offer are simply excellent.

Like many other investors I look for certain things; security, attractive returns, track record and transparency. Opportunity ticks all these boxes with their innovative offering providing exceptional fixed returns and regular communication and updates from Nick and the team. As a repeat investor with Opportunity I’ve enjoyed their professional approach and would recommend them highly!

A quick thanks to the team at Opportunity. In particular Debbie who has been very patient with sorting out our things. We are incredibly happy with the 21% return we received on our last investment and looking forward to seeing the benefits of the current transaction as well.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Nick and the team from Opportunity. Not only is he professional, I enjoy his honesty and the best is their interest rate as I am getting a great return on my investment.

For quite a long period we had been disappointed with the performance of our investments. We weren’t getting much traction. A few years ago we met the guys from Opportunity and decided to invest with them. We liked the fact that they invested alongside us and had good security in place for our funds. We achieved annual returns of 21% on two of our investments to date and have now invested in another project with them. Very happy.

We found investing with Opportunity a very easy process. They were organised. They explained exactly how the transaction would work and told us from the outset what the interest rate on our return would be. They did not disappoint. We received exactly what was promised and have invested again.

Dear Nick,
Just a quick thank you for the fantastic investment opportunities you have given me, past and present. I have been very confident in yours and Wynands abilities and look forward to our ongoing relationship.

Being an extremely cautious investor, coupled with being a sceptic when it comes to anything that offers high return – I just want to say a massive thank you to Nick Morgan and ‘Opportunity Private Capital’ for proving me wrong on both counts ! Its been an amazing experience. From continual updates as to where things are, as well as courtesy phone calls ‘just touching sides’ to then being given exactly what was promised – wow. I’ve been with Opportunity for 2 and a half years now and #imstaying.

I engaged with Opportunity and their investment offering after watching them successfully complete a few iterations of their offering. I learnt 2 major lessons out of taking this time. The first is I should have gotten in sooner as they out-performed many other investments and the second is that, even in harder times the structure allowed for a nice return when other investment vehicles are taking strain.

So, if you are here, it means you might be looking for information on financial investments. Well I am sorry to say, I would not be able to help you. However, what I can do is relay to you my personal experience with Opportunity Private Capital (OPC).

But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Veronica McDonald. I have been a professional nurse all my life and live in the Western Cape. My initial encounter with OPC was through somebody working at the company. From the day she started working at OPC she kept saying that if she ever had the money to invest, it would be within this company.

About 2 years ago I found myself in a position to do just that. Investing a large amount, or for that matter any amount of money, is a decision nobody should be taking lightly. For me, the key factors to consider were safety, availability, and naturally the best possible return on my investment, within those parameters.

I spent some time looking around, checking out banks and other financial institutions. Nothing though could top the interest rate of between 18% to 21% offered by OPC. Everybody that I spoke to advised me against investing with them, saying that if something sounds too good to be true it normally is. Not very reassuring hey.

But I trusted my source at the company. She has been with the company for almost 10 years and I knew without a doubt she would not let me invest my money in a shady company. So, against all advice, I set up a meeting with the director/owner of OPC. Within 10 minutes after meeting Nick Morgan over a cup of coffee, I knew without a doubt that that is where my money was going. Initially I was going to invest only one third of my available capital and see how they perform as a company. At the end of that meeting I had not only stuck to my original decision but increased this amount I planned to invest considerably.

Not only did Nick Morgan gain my trust through his manner and personality, he also came well prepared with the necessary documentation and proof that he would furnish to any major player in the investment field. I never once felt that my small investment was not important.

The information was clear and explained in such a way that even I understood it. I could see my money would be safe, with excellent returns. I am not going into the detail about the development side, the construction side of the company, about real right ownership or the roll overs of the investment. That is all things that Nick Morgan will explain to you when he meets with you.
All I can say is that after my initial investment, I have re-invested multiple times and have seen the actual performance of my investment, so much so, that when my husband retired, he joined me and used some of his hard earned money to invest with OPC as well.

I’ve been investing with Opportunity Private Capital since August 2017. They have without a doubt provided me with absolutely incredible service and I have found that the investment processes are structured and very professional which enabled me to increase my total investments to take place in a timely fashion. Since the investments started, they have been extremely supportive and have been able to assist me to customise my investment withdrawals throughout the years. I can truly say that I have always felt that Opportunity Private Capital team members have always had my best interest in mind throughout the entire process and were able to align to deadlines in a timely and effective manner.

Good morning Nick. Trust this message finds you well. Just completed my OPC investment journey and I must add the final steps have been so efficient and professional. I want to give you and your team the praise it deserves. Especially your online signature process so intuitive and easy to use. Transferring lady was also so professional and made me feel that my monies are safe and being looked after.